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Help Museums Be Better About the Visitor Experience!

Communicate with the museum about what you liked and disliked about your visit

Museums are a treasure in our communities. They educate and enlighten through their artifacts, special exhibits, educational programs, and more. However, they sometimes fall down on creating an excellent visitor experience. You can help!

Sign that says waiting, waiting... Look with new eyes at museums as places that should hear from you
Museums do not always do a good job on the visitor experience

Did you wait forever to buy a ticket? Did you appreciate the cleanliness of the restrooms? Were the object labels boring? Was the audio tour well done? Perhaps many of the game parts were missing in the children's activities. Maybe the gallery hosts were friendly and informative.

Speak Up!

Share your specific concerns and positive experiences with the museum. They might have a form you can fill out as you leave. Or, you can go to the museum's website and send an email. For smaller museums there might only be one general email address. For larger museums, you might search out the email address of the visitor services manager or someone with a similar title.

Nudge Museums to Improve Their Visitor Experience

Museums have a responsibility to not only their artifacts, but to their visitors, too. By providing feedback, whether it's answering a visitor survey while you're at the museum, or emailing or calling them after, you're giving the museum information that will help them do more of the things that enhance the visitor experience, and to change the things that detract from the visitor experience. Look with new eyes at museums, not just as places that preserve and educate, but as places that should hear from and listen to their visitors.

Have you ever contacted a museum about the good or bad of your museum visit? Did you get a response? How did you feel about sharing your thoughts?


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