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Look Up! Look Down! Peer Around!

The things you might not notice...

Museums have nooks, crannies, and interesting architecture details that take a little extra attention to notice. The main focus is on the museum objects, exhibits, and information. But, look around and find even more that is intriguing. Spark your curiosity!

Round glass in ceiling
Ceilings are worth looking at in museums

Look up! Ceilings, roof lines, architectural details.

Attractive tile pattern
Tile work on museum floors is often decorative

Look down! Tile work, inlay, woodwork.

Old window
Some museums have old, original windows

Look out! Peer through windows and find original glass in old buildings.

Gold frame at a museum
Frames around paintings are worth attention

Lean in! Look closely! Notice details of frames and other supports for the art and artifacts.

Wooden steps, floors, and walls
Boathouse at Biltmore Estate

Wander outside! Find gardens, benches, and outdoor features that extend the museum outdoors.

What detail has surprised you at a museum when you peered around carefully?


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